What are they? - Armor-Vu™ panels are thin, optically correct, super wear resistant panels that attach with adhesive to the inside of a standard glass blasting window.

What is the advantage? - The Armor-Vu™ lasts much longer than the standard glass window saving you money! While the glass part of the window will become cloudy as you blast, the area protected by the Armor-Vu™ will remain crystal clear for weeks or months depending on your application. A major investment casting company that was changing window glass at the end of every shift found that the Armor-Vu™ was extending the life to six months! Also operators find that when they can see better they can do a better job.

What is the cost? - That depends to a certain extent on the shape and thickness of the standard glass window that you are now using. The Armor-Vu™ panel will be mounted with adhesive on a piece of glass that fits in your machine. Generally prices are in the low $300.00 range.

Will I save money? - You would really need to try the Armor-Vu™ panel and determine that for yourself. We offer a no risk test trial. You try the Armor-Vu™ and decide for yourself if the performance justifies the cost. In the case of the investment casting shop cited above each Armor-Vu™ replaced approximately 360 standard glass windows. A big savings.

How can I try it? - Place an order for an Armor-Vu™ on a guaranteed test. Supply the dimensions of the glass window that you now use and tell us where you want the Armor-Vu™ to be mounted. When you receive the Armor-Vu™ make sure you mount it with the Armor-Vu™ panel on the inside of the blasting cabinet and start enjoying the savings.

For assistance selecting the right product for your application,
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