Loose Abrasives

Loose Abrasives - Abrasive Grains & Powders

  • Brown Aluminum Oxide
  • White Fused Aluminum Oxide
  • Garnet
  • Fused Zirconia
  • Alumina Zirconia
  • Boron Carbide
  • Diamond Powders, Compounds & Lapping Slurries
  • Super Abrasives Powders
  • Lapping Abrasive
  • Steel Shot and Grit
  • Black and Green Silicon Carbide

Lapping Powders & Slurries

Precision Alumina - is an abrasive manufactured from high quality 99% pure calcined aluminum oxide grains. Through an exacting quality assurance process, the shape and size of the individual grains are controlled to extremely tight tolerances.


  • Silicon Wafers with Scratch-free surfaces.
  • Steel seals within lightbands of flatness.
  • Precision optics for dimension, soft cut and precise finish.
  • Lapping and polishing virtually any metal.

Micrograded Alundum® - Micrograded (micron-sized) Alundum® lapping powder is a 96% pure Aluminum® Oxide, designed specifically for precision machine operations on softer materials such as copper, iron and aluminum. The grains are blocky in shape, which provides extra durability while retaining a sharp cutting action.

White-Fused Aluminum Oxide - A high purity (99%) version of the above grain. This product is used where a fused product is desired but high levels of impurities cannot be tolerated. White-fused is available in standard Fepa F sizing.


  • Fuel-injection parts and piston rings
  • Bronze rings to specified flatness and scratch-free surfaces.
  • Cast-iron seals to lightbands of flatness.
  • Pump housings

Cut-Rate Enhanced (CRE) Slurries - When the ultimate in productivity, value, and consistency is required, users demand Norton Materials' Cut Rate Enhanced (CRE) Pre-mixed Slurries.


  • Virtually all metal, ceramic and glass, including any of the above applications.

Superabrasive Powders

Abrasive Grade Diamond

  1. Metal Bond - HS designated - A blocky, three-dimensional high strength monocrystalline synthetic diamond. These high strength crystals exhibit shaped edges and corners specifically processed for grinding, lapping and polishing of ceramics, carbides, granite, cements and other hard materials. These crystals are available in all sizes and can be coated with Nickel/Copper/Silver or Titanium.

  2. Resin Bond - LS designated - A low strength monocrystalline diamond with sharp edges and corners with enhanced friability specifically designed for faster removal rates by exposing new edges as wear takes place. Uses include slicing operations, wiresaw, carbide polishing, and glass polishing and processing of precious and semi-precious stones. Also available in Nickel and Copper Coatings.

  3. MMB - A less expensive general-purpose metal bond monocrystalline diamond for grinding, lapping and rough polishing of carbide and other hard materials.

  4. MRB - A less expensive general-purpose Resin Bond monocrystallne diamond for grinding and lapping of hard materials.

  5. Natural - A processed high quality Natural Diamond used in some special applications where MB/RB diamond is not used either by choice or by physical

  6. Metal Bond designated HS-E - High Strength monocrystalline diamond with special customer specifications designed specifically for electronics applications.

  7. Resin Bond designated LS-E - Low Strength monocrystalline diamond designed specifically for electronic applications such as slicing/dicing wheels for silicon, quartz, silicon carbide or wafer processing.

PCD Grade Diamond

  1. Metal bond designated HS-F - Enhanced for high impact strength. This monocrystalline diamond product is extensively cleaned and purified. HS-F exhibits very low levels of bulk and surface impurities. The result of this product line is increased yield percentages in the PCD process.

  2. Metal Bond designated HS-R - Ultra pure high impact strength metal bond monocrystalline diamond with enhanced shape and toughness characteristics. The HS-R designated diamond is subjected to the advanced cleaning process maximizing the strength of PCD tools and inserts.

  3. Metal Bond designated HS-RR - As the name suggests, this metal bond monocrystalline diamond takes shaping technology to the ultimate by producing a geometrically superior shape in terms of aspect ratios, roundness and packing density. The ultimate in low surface impurities fostered by Warren's advanced cleaning technology. This product is specially engineered to decrease interstitial spacing PCD compacts.

  4. Cubic Boron Nitride cBN - The Warren line of cubic boron nitride is cBN-B, cBN B-100 cBN-A and cBNA-100.

    The cBN A and B products are high quality materials designed for grinding/polishing ferrous metals in bonded tool systems. The cBN-B is the designation of the black boron nitride while the A designation refers to the Amber product line.

    The cBN A-100 and B-100 product line is a blocky three-dimensional crystal that has been cleaned and shaped. This series possesses high impact strength. The black and Amber 100 grades are designed as feedstock material for High Pressure-High Temperature sintering of polycrystalline cBN compacts.

Silicon Carbide Powders & Macrogrits

  1. Black & Green Silicon Carbide General Chemical and Physical Properties - Silicon Carbide is a synthetic material with an outstanding hardness, only superseded by Diamond, cBN and B4C. The chemical inertness to most of the alkaline and acids in combination with its excellent heat and abrasion resistance make Silicon Carbide every suitable under extreme operating conditions.

  2. Black & Green Silicon Carbide Products and Markets
    • Abrasives - SIKA ABR - For grinding wheels, sandpaper, lapping and other industrial applications.
    • Refractories - SIKA REF - For crucibles, slide gates and other high temperature products.
    • High Performance Ceramics - SIKA Tech - For sintered, reaction bonded and recrystallized SiC application as well as metal, ceramic and polymer composites.
    • Wiresaw Slicing - SIKA WS - For slicing silicon, quartz, GaN and other materials.
  3. Silicon Carbide Powders - SIKA ABR IV A - Industrial grade black silicon carbide

Levigated Alumina (Grain Code 7930) - Levigated Alumina is a 98% pure high-quality calcined alumina that is air classified to achieve a tightly-sized distribution.

Levigated Alumina is recommended as a direct substitute for other electrically-resistant white fillers where high hardness and/or high thermal conductivity is desired. A very important feature of all aluminas is their inherent combination of desirable electrical and thermal properties.


  • Thermally Conductive, Electrically-Resistant Filler
  • Lapping
  • Tumbling
  • Polishing
  • Brake Shoe Additive
  • Ceramic Insulators
  • Epoxy Filler
  • Compounds
  • Heat Sink
  • Mold Release
  • Parting Media

Brown Aluminum Oxide Abrasive - This abrasive is electrically fused from a mixture of calcined bauxite, coke and iron filings. Its large crystal size and dense structure make this product the most widely used abrasive for grinding wheels and general industrial applications.


  • Abrasive blasting
  • General purpose use
  • Non-slip

Alumina Zirconia

  1. ZF-Alundum abrasive is a hard, very tough, sharp material used for producing large grinding wheels for foundry snagging. It is produced by fusing zircon sand and alumina at about 1900 °C.

  2. ZS Alumdum abrasive is an extremely tough, hard material used for producing large organic grinding wheels for steel conditioning. It is produced by fusing zircon sand and alumina at about 1900 °C.

  3. Norzon® and NZPlus® abrasives are hard, very tough, sharp materials used for both coated abrasive products and organic bonded grinding wheels. They are produced by fusing zircon sand and alumina at about 1900 °C.

Boron Carbide - is manufactured from carbon tetraboride crude that forms an extremely hard abrasive called boron carbide. Available in grit sizes from 70 to 1500. Boron Carbide is a lightweight crystalline compound characterized by its extreme hardness and high strength.


  • Lapping
  • Polishing
  • Fine abrasive blasting
  • Wear resistant ceramics
  • Armor

Electronics & Optical Grade Alumina Polishing Slurries

  1. Norpol™ 2000 Polishing Concentrate (Product codes 9243 & 9244) - For precision optics and glass (Basic and 20% solids)
  2. Polycrystalline Alumina Slurries (Product codes 9240 & 9245) - For metal and crystal polishing, disk texturing - (9240 is basic & 20% solids-9245 is acidic & 30% solids)
  3. Premium Polycrystalline Alumina Slurries (Product codes 9255 & 9256) - For metal and crystal polishing, disk texturing - (9255 is acidic & 25% solids-9256 is basic & 20% solids)
  4. Polycrystalline Alumina Polishing Slurry - Saint-Gobain's Polycrystalline alumina Polishing Slurry is an aqueous slurry of alumina in which the fundamental crystal size ranges from 50 to 100 nanometers. The unique composition of extremely small crystals, which are primarily alpha alumina, results in an extremely cost-effective, rapid polishing slurry that will achieve highly polished finishes on most materials. Polycrystalline Alumina Slurry is effective over an extremely broad range of metals and ceramics. This product can be used with pads, pitch or metal plates and is available in either an acidic or basic solution.
  5. Zirconia Polishing Slurry (Product code 9839) - For optics, silicon and glass (Basic and 26% solids)
  6. Zirconia Polishing Slurry Concentrate (Product code 9839) - For optics, silicon and glass (Basic and 40% solids)

Specialty Alumina Products - Powders & Slurries

  1. Industrial Grade Calcined Alumina
  2. General Purpose Calcined Alumina
  3. Optolap™ - Optical Grade Calcined Alumina
  4. Calcined Alumina - This material is produced by calcining alumina to various temperatures to control hardness, and therefore, its abrasive properties.


  • Lapping
  • Polishing
  • Fillers


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